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Price: Weddings & Engagement

I have 3 options that will fit most wants & needs 

I want to keep everything very simple and straightforward., so my main goal is to deliver a fun and comforting experience. The main thing to focus on is working closely with the planner to ensure everything scheduled goes smoothly without having to force my job upon everyone. I will not be the only one working that day and with my experience as a vendor, I already have a great understanding of what it is to work professionally with new faces. 

Editing and printing rights are included

2 hours 

-3 and a half hours
Book an engagement shoot for $225 with this package

-5 and a half hours of coverage
Book an engagement shoot for $125 with this package

Everything you ever wanted
-8 hours of coverage 
*Engagement is free with this package*

%50 Deposit required