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About me

 Hi there,

I've been a photographer for over 8 years but it wasn't until 2018 when I decided it was time to expand myself. In case you were interested, I've been photographing my family, friends and shooting live music. Music photography is my passion and has brought me so much but I've been falling in love with the response I've been receiving from the photos of my daughter and I want to share that passion. Here you will see my focus on those moments in life that will be shared with your family and friends for the rest of your life. My goal as a photographer is to share with you how I see your uniqueness. Life is amazing and never ending so your experiences and visually memories should be captured and cared for as such. There are many people with a solid camera but there are not many cameras being held by a photographer.

I am currently available for booking and interested in working with you. My gallery is updating and I am eager to keep it growing so I hope you're ready to be part of that!

Now enjoy some random facts (The real reason you're here)

-I once ate over 7 orders of a dozen oysters *Sober
-Rocky Road is the best flavor of ice cream
-I've driven over 40 miles to buy a burrito
-I love funny people