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About me

 Hi there,

THANK YOU for taking your time to even click on the About Me section. I know the stress of finding someone not just likable but capable. I hope you find that here, not because I want your business but because I want to capture as many smiles as possible and share their experiences. 

So a little about my experience. 
I've been a music photographer for over 5 years and overall a photographer for around 8 years. I've worked for a photo booth company doing weddings and special events for nearly a year and that really changed my perspective on the industry. 
 Here you will see my focus on those moments in life that we all want to be remembered. These will be shared with your family and friends for the rest of your life and beyond so my goal as a photographer is to show you those moments in my unique vision. Life is amazing and filled with so much and your experiences and memories should be captured and cared for as such.

I am currently available for booking and also interested in working with creative individuals and projects and I am open for destination sessions. My gallery is slowly updating and I am eager to have you become a part of that adventure, so I hope you're ready to be part of that!

Now enjoy some random facts (The real reason you're here)

- I was born in Germany
-I drive a 6 speed 
-I am open to accepting seafood as partial payment